Commonly Asked Questions

How long does it take to get my order?

Depending on how many items as we use many printers from all over the world your items can be coming from several printers and may take some time. It goes through production which is a few days to a week then they ship it. could be between 1 - 3 weeks give or take! Do to the pandemic some printers and delivery services may take longer than usual. We basically offer the same as any other online merch store as we all use the same printers and shipping! If you've order merch from YouTube or something like that then you would now. We do our best to make sure we choose the right printers for as fast as possible service.

What are the payment options?

We offer secured payment system through credit or debit.

Where can I purchased one of your branded DINO NFTs?

We have a website explaining our project and goals for the environment and have not yet released the minting of the first collection but do have them posted on OpenSea for protection! and we are on opensea

Will you create more products?

Yes we are always create more art and posting new products to keep the selection large and to cover our company and the DINO NFTs that are unique as well.

Where do the proceeds go from the profit earnings of your products?

All proceeds are invested into a recycling company called That Metal Guy Recycling, located in London Ontario Canada. We are looking to expand the service world wide and provide jobs and solutions within the industry!

Who founded DINO NFTS ?

Tony Laviolette owner of That Metal Guy Recycling in London Ontario found created and is currently running the entire brand. With time passing by we are looking on expanding our team to help with the operation and brand recantation!

Can I return a product if I don't like it?

No. once a purchase is completed by a customer returns cannot be acquired! We ask you to carefully read over sizes and product information before proceeding with your purchase!

Do you ship world wide?

Yes we most certainly do. Depending on location shipping times do Vary and Shipping may be more or less depending on where your located and the printer creating the order! OnDemand Printing has picked up and is always shaping in the industry to better suit the customers needs!